Easy to Use

Easy to Use
WordPress has an amazingly user-friendly administration interface. In 2008, the WordPress team
worked with designers at Happy Cog, a web design firm famous for its user-oriented approach, to streamline the interface for WordPress 2.5. Later, for version 2.7, the WordPress team incorporated
suggestions from a large-scale user survey and worked with Happy Cog’s Liz Danzico to refine the
interface even further. The result is an intuitive system that even web novices can use with very little
training. Features include:
• Rich text editing. WordPress includes the popular TinyMCE editor that provides
you with an interface similar to Microsoft Office products. TinyMCE is not perfect,
but WordPress provides a basic HTML view as an alternative. The editor includes
tools to import content and remove embedded styles from Office documents.
• Media uploads and embeds. The content editing screens include a media
uploader. You’ll be prompted to provide titles, captions, or other metadata based
on the file type, and you can easily link to the media files or insert them directly
into the document. WordPress also includes a basic image editor that allows you
to rotate or resize the image. Furthermore, WordPress generates thumbnails
automatically, and these can be used in place of the full-size image. Images can be
aligned left, right, or center, and can include captions as well as alt text. It’s easy to
embed audio and video files from other sites into your content: just paste the URL
as you edit, and when your post or page is published, the address will be replaced
with the appropriate media player.
• Menu Management. You can create navigation menus as easily as you create
sidebars. You can choose items from your pages, categories, and link manager;
you can also add links to external content.
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