5 WordPress plugins to create the best free photo slide

5 WordPress plugins to create the best free photo slide Image is indispensable in an article, but sometimes on structured around the still images we sometimes do and blog readers bored. If you’re really think so, then the plugin jQuery Image Slider will be a perfect solution brings breath of fresh air for your blog.
The use of the jQuery Image Slider plugin not only help blog / website you more beautiful and lively, but also helps readers find interesting, new visiting your blog. Image Slider There are many plugins available for WordPress provided, and all are free of charge, you can find and use easily. But free is always interesting, right? Then 5 Image Slider pluginunder wire free you will probably enjoy it.

1. Promotion Slider

Promotion Slider plugin will help you to easily add a slideshow to the beautiful and impressive blog in any position you want, suitable for the Feature Slide on your blog. 7.5/10 rating for the Promotion Slider
Promotion Slider
Promotion Slider

2. Easing Slider

Easing Slider will be a perfect choice for the Feature Post on your blog. Support multiple Setting option allows you to add text, post excerpts on the image, and especially help support shortcode Slideshow  you can insert into post, page … rating 7/10 for Easing Slider.
Esaing Slider
Esaing Slider

3. Smooth Slider

If you prefer the simplicity and efficiency, the Smooth Slider is a great choice for you. You will possess a delicate frame Slide Feature simply with one mouse click. 7.5/10 rating for Smooth Slider.
Smooth Slider

4. SlideDeck 1 Lite Content Slider

SlideDeck Slider WordPress plugin allows you to easily add a content slider widget or create a professional slideshow introduction, there are many themes and custom options. Content Slider appropriate use for multiple purposes, according to their opinion, this plugin uses to introduce the author or prominent product is the best, besides shortcode plugin also supports users in post and page. Rating 8/10 for SlideDeck 1.
Slidedeck 1
Slidedeck 1

5. SlideDeck 2 Lite Responsive Content Slider

As the upgraded version of SlideDeck 1, 2 SlideDeck is much more prominent features such as category allows slideshow from your blog, from Flickr, Youtube …. Also SlideDeck 2 also supports many types of professional and beautiful slider. Lite version limited to 5 of the first slide, if you want more, you can think about buying the copyright of this plugin. 8.5/10 rating for SlideDeck 2 because of its professionalism.
slidedeck 2
SlideDeck 2
Hopefully with 5 WordPress plugins to create the best free photo slide  will help you have more tools and more options to customize the interface for your blog. If you have any questions regarding the use of 5 plugin above, please leave your comments here. I’ll try to answer as soon as possible. Thank you and see you in the next article.


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