Provide Support Live Chat wordpress plugin

This plugin will help you to add your Provide Support Live Chat button to your WordPress website. Make one more step to excellent customer service.

provide-support-live-chat screenshot 5
The following types of WordPress integrations are available
  • Adding live chat button to a sidebar
  • Placing a chat button to a fixed position on a browser window (the best solution for those websites which have no sidebar)
  • Ability to use your custom live chat icons images hosted on your server
  • Adding a text live chat link to a sidebar or a fixed position on a browser window
  • Flexible options for the live chat chat button or chat link displaying (on specific pages, posts etc.)
  • Ability to utilize shortcodes is the best option for advanced users and will let you place the chat button anywhere on the website. [providesupport] shortcode can be used for showing the button or link within the posts or pages and <?php echo do_shortcode ('[providesupport]') ?> can be utilized for integration with the website source directly and will let adding the button or link to some specific position on the page
Provide Support Live Chat for WordPress enables you to monitor the whole website no matter how many pages contain the live chat button or link and will give a possibility to follow visitors in real time and proactively invite them to join live chat sessions.
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