Web Hosting Review HostGator vs iPage

You may create a slick website with optimized written content and a 
solid revenue model, but if you don't have a server to house your site
 and direct web traffic, no one will be able to access your content. 
A good web host serves up your site to the world wide web and makes
 publishing and updating your site quick and easy. Once your site is 
connected to the internet, your target audience can access your content
 through whatever domain name you have chosen. Essentially, web hosts
 take the technical responsibilities upon themselves, leaving you more time
 and energy to ensure your website is the best it can be.
HostGator iPage

HostGator vs iPage

Whatever kind of site you intend to create, there is a web host with a
 package that will suit your needs. From personal webpages to much
 larger, professional sites that include databases and complex scripts,
 there's a web host for everyone. Our web hosting reviews look at services
 that work well for multiple purposes. Every service in our lineup is reliable 
and will provide you with a high percentage of up time. Our top-rated services 
are Hostgator and iPage. More information

Web Hosting Comparison

Online web hosting is an essential component of getting your business or personal 
pages in front of others on the internet. The differences found in HostGator versus
 iPage comparisons can be very important, as each offers a different interface and 
set of features. Effective web hosting should deliver excellent uptime with an intuitive
 interface that delivers everything you need in a web hosting service. Check out the 
following comparison between two top options: HostGator and iPage.
Read on to find out which web host is right for you:


HostGator web hosting offers a powerful hosting solution with a flexible set of 

options. The service provides unlimited bandwidth and disk space, allowing you
 to easily host family photos, blogs or product inventories for your online store 
with equal ease. The service allows you to register international and domestic
 domains, and offers an unlimited number of subdomains under the same account.
 Business accounts also get a dedicated IP address, private SSL and a toll-free
 phone number. The service allows you to make as many POP3 email accounts
 as you need. HostGator's support suite includes phone, email and live chat options.

What HostGator has that iPage doesn’t:
Where HostGator Shines: Powerful & Strong Business Features
  • Windows server hosting options
  • One-click app installations
  • User community forums
  • Powerful control panel
  • Dedicated IP address, SSL and toll-free phone number for business accounts
  • Unlimited POP3 email accounts

iPage web hosting delivers an intuitive, user-friendly interface that is well-suited 

for beginners, as well as more advanced functions for intermediate and advanced
 users. Like HostGator, it offers unlimited bandwidth, disk space, MySQL databases
 and email addresses. Setup is relatively easy, as it offers an array of site-building tools
 and setup wizards. To help you grow your site, it offers credits for AdWords and 
Facebook advertising, as well as other marketing tools. iPage support provides fast 
response times and several contact options that are available 24 hours a day.

What iPage has that HostGator doesn’t:
Where iPage Shines: Marketing Features & Ease of Use
  • Three different site-building tools
  • Easy access to site statistics
  • Simple transition from beginner to intermediate operation
  • Advertising credits for use with many online advertisement services
  • Intuitive site-building tools, including blog and photo gallery wizards
  • User-friendly control panel

HostGator or iPage: Which Is Better?

Determining which hosting service is right for you depends on how you
 intend to use the service. Beginners are likely to benefit from the faster 
response times and intermediate iPage support tools. Business users glean 
the most benefit from HostGator's unique offering of a toll-free number and
 dedicated IP address. Both services offer shopping cart support for e-commerce websites, but iPage's support for marketing is especially helpful to new online retailers.

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