New statistical features for Top WordPress Themes reports

New statistical features for Top WordPress Themes reports
Four weeks ago we presented our brand new Top WordPress Themes reports explaining its features in my post Introducing our new feature: Top WordPress Themes reports.
On that post I introduced the information and details you could get for each top theme “in the first version” of our report and, right at the end of the post, I also said “stay tuned, there is more to come!”.
Because there is more already.

What´s new?

Our first additions to these reports are a couple of statistical features that allow you to see the evolution of scores for every top theme by comparing the current metrics with older data: Rank Evolution and Usage Evolution.

Rank Evolution

The first added feature compares the current rank position for each theme with the position achieved by that theme a period of time ago. Right now the time interval for comparison is set to one week.
From now on you will see under the rank position number a little bullet light that may be displayed showing three different colors:
  • Green: The theme has climbed one or more positions up
  • Red: The theme went  one or more positions down
  • Yellow: The position did not vary
You can see an example of this in the following image:
Top Themes Stats
Also, under that colored bullet you will find a number preceded by the plus or minus sign which indicates how many positions that theme went up or down, or else a little double horizontal arrow will show you that there is no change for that theme.

Usage Evolution

The second feature we have added to these reports compares the current percentage of analysed sites using each theme with the site usage percentage that was recorded for that theme some time ago (this time interval being currently set at one week also).
In this case the number that shows you the percentage of sites that are using that theme over the total analysed sites is now followed by a little icon displaying whether this metric went up, down, or stayed unvaried.
There is also a percentage number after the evolution icon, which tells you what the exact variation was for that metric.

See it working

On the sample image I included above you can see how the stats for different themes evolved: In this example News Child Theme climbed one position up during the last week, although the percentage of analysed sites using that theme went down by 0.01%, Trim went two positions down and the percentage of sites using it went also down by 0.03%, the stats for Catalyst did not vary at all since both metrics stayed on the same values, eleven40 Child Theme did not move from #20 position but the percentage of sites using it went up by 0.01%, etc.
We also took the opportunity of this update to include some “under the hood” code improvements for better performance of our stats.
So go ahead and see the new features dynamically working for you. We hope that you enjoy them and tell us about it in the comments.
And, as I´ve said before, please stay tuned!
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